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A note from Ryn:

Unmounted Sheet

Textures includes 8 rubber stamp designs from my collection - Water Droplets (also on the sheet Water Effects 1), Leafy Branch, Fish Scales, Leopard Spots, Flower Lace 1, Flower Lace 2, Circle Cluster Set and Patio Stone. They come organized as seen above on an unmounted rubber sheet measuring approximately 8.5" by 11". The stamps can be separated with a pair of sharp scissors. This product does not include any backing or cling-mount for mounting the stamps.

Deeply Etched

All of my stamps are made from natural gum rubber and are deeply etched into the surface. Deep etch technology captures a high level of detail in each design and ensures clean imprints by setting the image at a depth that is twice the industry standard. Natural gum rubber is also extremely durable and flexible making it ideal for use on a variety of materials. With proper care each stamp can be printed hundreds of times without losing image quality.

Printing the Stamps

For printing the designs with ink or paint I recommend mounting the stamps onto cling-cushion. The cling-cushion sticks to any Acrylic Stamping Block with a static charge. A flat hard surface such as an Acrylic Stamping Block will ensure that the stamp is pressed evenly in order to capture all of detail in the design.

For Use with Clay

For pressing the designs into materials such as clay or polymer clay I suggest cutting the stamps from the unmounted sheet. The plain rubber will allow for more flexibility and control when pushing the designs into a soft surface. Unmounted stamps are also easily cleaned with warm water. Gently work the clay from between the ridges of the design before it gets the chance to harden.

Water Droplets from this collection is best printed onto the surface of a clay project instead of pressed into it. The 3D effect of the droplets is created by many tiny points. There is not enough room for clay to squeeze between the points in order to capture the effect.