About Us

Peace Of Art Studio is a new and growing business in the Mid-Michigan art world. The studio is located at 211 Main Street, Carson City, Michigan – the hometown of the owner and artist Judy Evitts.

A place to create, a place to share, a place to shop!

Judy has dreamed of this studio for many years, and this year everything fell into place, bringing the vision to life. Evitts strives to make the studio a place for people to feel empowered to freely explore their creativity. Having been a person who struggled most of her life to accept that she was an Artist, that what mattered the most was the process and uniqueness of one’s own art.  Judy knows how to encourage others. "We all have the ability to create art", Evitts states, "we just haven't taken the time to play, practice, and develop the skills. Peace Of Art Studio is the place to come to do just that."

The concept of the studio is to provide people the space and tools to create their own art. There will be "Open Studio" time for clients to pay a small fee and use the studio. With that fee they can use the supplies on hand at the studio. or combine them with some of the client’s own supplies.


The Studio will be hosting guest artists to present workshops in the studio. It is Evitts' vision to bring talented artists to the area to share their skills and techniques with the community. Judy is always seeking creative talent to teach workshops. If you are interested, please contact judy@peaceofartstudio.com Workshops are planned in every art media, so please share your talent with us!


The front of the studio will be a show case of art for sale from various artists from around the states. All art is sold on consignment and can be seen or bought from both the studio brick and mortar store or purchased from the studio’s online store. If you are interested in selling your art, please give a shout out to judy@peaceofartstudio.com . The studio is always in search of unique art to be displayed for sale!


Mixed in with the art for sale, Evitts is personally selecting and offering some of her favorite supplies and tools for sale.

"There are a lot of art supply brands out there" says Evitts "and I am only offering the products that I would personally use and get the best enjoyment out of the art experience. Sometimes going too cheap isn't a good thing, and you will become frustrated with the results and stop creating. On the other hand, if you spend too much money on a supply, you may find yourself too poor to continue to enjoy the creative process! Or, if you’re like me, too afraid to use up the very expensive product." Evitts chuckles, "I hope I can lead you to the best supply for you and your price range, and if you love a certain brand that I currently am not carrying, or looking for a particular type of product, let me know! I will be happy to find some stock for you!"

So, stop by the Studio, spend some time shopping and viewing the beautiful art and then take some time to exercise your creative muscles or hop on line and browse the store!

The Peace Of Art Studio is always happy to see you!