Golden Mica Flake Small 4 oz jar

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Mica Flakes, Coarse Alumina and Micaceous Iron Oxide: These special iridescent colors to add a sparkly touch or a distinct texture! These extraordinary colors are created by mixing assorted mica partials with gel medium. The Micaceous Iron Oxide, with its rich simmer color and gritty surface, makes a glorious ground for pastels. Palette knife application is recommended.


These reflective pigments are either actual metals, synthetic lamellar iron oxides or naturally produced mica flakes that are mined from the earth.

Mica is quite insoluble in strong acids or bases, is inherently lightfast, and remains unaffected by water. When combined with a 100% acrylic medium, mica yields very stable paints that offer excellent permanency.

Mica's chemical and UV resistance properties distinguish the Iridescent Mediums from most metal pigments, such as coppers, bronzes and even aluminum flakes. Metals have a tendency to rust or corrode as they continually oxidize over time. With the Iridescent colors, all components are already in the most stable state of oxidation, and there is no possibility for change resulting from further oxidizing reactions.

The metals that GOLDEN has chosen to offer are known to demonstrate remarkable durability. GOLDEN Stainless Steel (Coarse & Fine), which consists of extremely durable 316L grade stainless, is very resistant to salt spray and acid spotting, as well as alkaline cleaners or detergents. The Micaceous Iron Oxide, although highly reflective, is not in a metallic state but is already oxidized.