Golden Glazing Liquid 8 oz

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GOLDEN Acrylic Glazing Liquid is a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion-based painting medium. Many artists who desire longer working time have enjoyed the benefits of this product. This simple blend of acrylic polymers, water, and retarder is complemented with a perfect combination of leveling and an ability to show brush texture. Acrylic Glazing Liquid allows for thin, even paint films with more time to blend and soften than any other acrylic painting medium available.
For many artists, the fast-drying nature of acrylics allows for immediate realization of the creative impulse and represents a benefit of the media. To other artists, however, rapid drying is perceived as a burden. Acrylics offer less time to blend colors and soften edges, a characteristic that seemed unsolvable to artists dependent on longer open time. This created conflict for artists interested in looking beyond oil paints for application methods and products that would achieve their painting goals.