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Learn to become spontaneous, bold, and fearless when painting to create a lush and colorful finished works that will beg to be displayed. Both novice and experienced painters will both enjoy creating a colorful, exciting, expressive painting using a variety of techniques, combining basic, practical painting principles with intuitive personal self-expression.

Leave any preconceived painting thoughts at the doorstep; allowing the painting to unfold as you use brushes, bubble wrap, spatulas, and even your hands to work in layers.   You have the freedom to cover up, re-start, wipe away, and change courses many times along the way. You will find unexpected and unique compositions, color combinations, and subject matter appear as you allow your paintings to emerge in an organic, unplanned way while working from a place of curiosity and letting go of fear!

You won’t have to worry about a thing all day but painting. There will be plenty of food and drink available to keep you full, hydrated, and happy. We will listen to a variety of music, open our eyes, and close our eyes. We will paint in bright light and paint with candle light! If you don’t want your canvas on the easel, put it on the table or floor. You don’t have to worry about splatters or drips of paint. As a matter of fact, you will be encouraged to drip and splatter paint! There are no rules. This is truly a relaxing and meditative way to paint.

The cost for the day is only $72.50 and all supplies are included. You just bring yourself! Other workshops of this type cost up to three times that much! What you don’t finish in our scheduled day together you are welcome to come back for ONE FREE open studio time and work on it.


Call  me to schedule your Intuitive Painting session!