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Hello My Friends!

It's been a very long, hard, cold winter here in Michigan, and today the temperature of 34* seems like a heat wave!  So nice to feel a hint of spring in the air, but I know that shortly there will be a rain and snow mix to hit us.  Hopefully it will stay north of Carson City and we can continue a little delusion of the ever allusive spring!

To keep busy this winter I have been in the process of preparing Peace Of Art Studio for it's grand opening in June.  There is still more work to be done, but it is moving forward.  It is a very exciting journey that I am on, and I must really thank my friend Sarah Todd for believing in the business and finding a place to build it.  So thank you Sarah, your helping to make a dream come true!

So today we begin another leg on the journey to Peace Of Art Studio.   This afternoon I am launching the web store.  It doesn't have near the amount of products it will when we open, but that is okay.  The products that are in stock now are wonderful.  1 oz Golden Paint, some fun Gel Mediums, and Claudine Helmuth paint, which I personally am anxious to try.  Soon I will have everything settled enough to play!

There will be art pieces too.  I have several artist who will be bringing their "piece" of art to the Studio for you to view and purchase.  Graphic arts, photographs, watercolor, stained glass, interesting oil painting on piano keys, and some very unique fabric art purses are just a glimpse into what will be offered for sale here in the Studio!

One of my goals is to keep shipping rates down low for you the seller, making sure to just cover the costs!  If I find the rate charged at check out is to high, I will be adjusting that rate for you before I finish processing the credit card charge.  My pet peeve of internet shopping is the over the top rates some companies charge for shipping.  Hence why I will strive to keep the rate low for you and even offer free shipping if your order is over $50.00

So check back often!










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