Media Acrylic Misters

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These professional grade misters are permanent, acid-free and transparent. They can be used alone or over fluid acrylics. Use with or without stencils and masking materials to create unique effects and background washes. The colors are intermixable and can be layered for multi-dimensional techniques. They are water-based, non-toxic and clean quickly and easily. Available in 2 oz. pump spray top bottles.


Regular Misters contain heavily concentrated pigments that can be used alone or over other products.


Shimmer Misters contain ultra fine pearl pigments that add a subtle shimmer to projects.

How to Use Misters

Use on porous surfaces or over Media Fluid Acrylics. Mist directly onto surfaces or mist over stencils and masks. To prevent misters from blocking, spray warm water through the nozzle until it runs clear after every use. Wipe the nozzle clean.

Tips for Misters

If the mister has an irregular spray pattern, check the nozzle for dried paint and remove any present. Spray Media Brush & Stencil Cleaner through the nozzle until a regular spray pattern is achieved.